Merle Margolese Corporate Training and Development


Express to Success

A six hour workshop that will literally TRANSFORM your business!
You will leave this workshop KNOWING how and what you need to change. During this class you will implement what you have learned Learn More


Let’s Get Organized

This seminar is designed to help those who run small businesses or run a business from their home. Here are just some of the topics covered: Keeping track of customers or clients, We don’t just tell you. Learn More


Team Building

Your company is only as strong as your weakest link, that is a fact! Do you have hard working, loyal and responsible employees but just cannot seem to get them to work together? Remembering that TEAM is an acronym, Together Everyone Achieves More. Learn More


Merle’s Pearls

Email Etiquette

When sending out bulk emails, ALWAYS put the names in the BCC line, not the TO or CC line. All the names in the To or CC line is a great way for hackers get into people’s accounts. Plus, most computers will send any email with more than 7 names in the TO or CC line right to the junk or spam file. So many of your intended recipients may not even see your email. It is also in violation of privacy rights; technically you are giving out all these peoples email addresses without their permission. Think about investing in Constant Contact, Mailigen or Mail Chimp; these are very inexpensive “vehicles” for sending out PERSONALIZED emails to lots of people at one time.